As distancing measures continue for longer periods of time than any of us expected, a large number of Americans are trading in city urban dwellings for spacious suburban homes. While living just minutes from the city center comes with a large number of benefits and conveniences, suburban life has its own set of perks.5 Key Benefits to Moving to the Suburbs

Here are Just a Few Reasons why Living in the Suburbs is Great

Larger Homes and Larger Yards

One of the largest reasons why suburban living is so ideal to many right now is more space. Owning a larger home with more rooms and a larger private yard allows for everyone in the family to have their own space to hang out in. It also makes it easier to stay distanced from neighbors. Having a yard to allow your kids to run around in with no regulations or worries seems like the height of luxury right now. We all need some time outside now and again to improve quality of life and even mental health.

More House for the Money

Moving to the suburbs won’t be a bargain steal especially if you are moving to a highly desired one on the edges of the city limits, but it does get you more square footage for the same budget as a home within walking distance to a downtown core. Instead of purchasing a fixer you can get a turn key home by opting to move a little further out.

It’s a Little Quieter

The hustle and bustle of people constantly at work or play creates noise. We all know it is common to hear traffic noise, honking horns, sirens, and more in the city. Some love the noise and find it to be comforting, but some prefer a more soothing quiet atmosphere to unwind after the end of a long day. The suburbs have less atmosphere noise and more quiet. So if that sounds appealing you will want to be further from the city hustle.

Generally Safer Neighborhoods

5 Key Benefits to Moving to the SuburbsLess population density often means less criminal activity. The crime rates in suburbs are most often lower than in the cities that they neighbor. It is not uncommon for crimes like theft to be more prevalent in densely populated cities, this is why tourists always get warned to make sure they secure their belongings when they visit large cities. This doesn’t mean crime is non-existent in the suburbs it is just typically less.

Less Stress and More Time

The more things there are to do the more you may find yourself packing your day with obligations which becomes stressful. The further you move from high activity areas the slower the pace of life becomes. For some this is less stressful and less impactful on the daily schedule. This means more time to choose what you want to do instead of what you feel you have to do. Be careful though you can quickly fill up a day running the kids to sports or trying to get to a book reading club in the burbs.

Moving to the suburbs has many advantages. Life in the burbs is not perfect, but there are some things that make it beneficial. If you are hoping for more space, time, and quiet moving to the suburbs may be a great idea.

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