You are planning a move. Maybe you’re hiring someone, maybe you are doing it yourself or combination of both but the last thing you want is to damage your property as you move out. Nick’s, scuffs, and marks on walls and doors can be frustrating and it means that you need to re-clean after you staged and clean the home to begin with so here are 5 ways to avoid damage to your home when you’re moving out.

#1. Prepare high traffic areas.

Consider the areas of your home that will be used the most. If the main hallway is carpeted you might want to put down old rugs, carpets, or a strip of sticky plastic as they do in new homes to protect those high traffic areas. Chances are you’re not taking on and off your shoes or boots as you hold furniture out of the house so protecting these high traffic areas from stains and marks will be the better option.

#2. Measure doorways and holes before transporting furniture.

If you have large items make sure you measure the doorways to determine if they will adequately fit. If you have lived in your home for a long time you may not remember assembling large furniture in the room in which it goes. This means that it may not be able to come out of the room. If you do need to disassemble a piece of furniture, take a picture of it so that you can easily reassemble pieces once you are in your new home. If for some reason you cannot remove an item out of a room, you may need to either leave it and in that case, speak to your real estate agent to inform the next homeowner of the situation. They may want you to remove it completely or they may be fine with you leaving it. But it’s important to let them know so you are not accused of leaving garbage behind.

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#3. Protect valuable items.

Anything that has sharp corners and edges will need to be protected with packing materials or cardboard. This not only protects the furniture but the walls if you accidentally bump into them. You want to wrap all glass and mirrors in towels and bedding and use existing linens as packing materials such as blankets and towels between dishes in boxes and wrapping valuables.

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#4. Prepare the wall corners.

Consider purchasing corner guards that can attach to high traffic areas to keep the walls intact during the move. You might be able to use cardboard, foam, vinyl, or heavy-duty rubber to protect as you maneuver and pivot furniture around corners and walls.

#5. Use the right equipment.

Moving dollies, handcarts, and floor sliders all help maneuver furniture and equipment from one room to another and out the door. Some items may require more than one person or a crew to lift and if there’s anything that you feel uncomfortable with, it’s best to hire a professional that knows exactly how to move these items such as a hot tub or piano.

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Keeping your home in tip-top shape during your move out will mean that you don’t have as much to do and clean once everything is out. Try to protect not only your furniture but the home for the next person as well. If you’re moving to or from the central Indiana area give us a call. I’d love to help you find the right home or property in any of our major areas below.

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