Making the transition from renting to homeownership and Moving Into Your First Home is a big and exciting one. It is also very different than moving from rental to rental. Here are some tips to make your transition from renting to owning a smoother one.

Before Your Move

Don’t Forget the Basics

About two weeks or more in advance give notice to important businesses of your change of address. Let the post office know and have them forward your mail while other companies like those that send you bills, magazines, and important mail transition your information over.

Get Prepared for Maintenance and Chores

In a rental there are many home care things that a landlord typically takes care of that will now be your responsibility. This can range from lawn care, to changing air system filters, to fixing the porch light, and etc. Make a list of items you need to give attention to that came up during inspection and what tools you may need to purchase or borrow to give those things some attention. Now is a good time to invest in basic lawn care tools and a set of tools to care for common small home repairs.

Prepare for Bringing Stuff In and Living There

It is easier to do things like paint and hire a professional carpet cleaner or a maid to get the place spotless and ready to enjoy before you move your things in there. It may seem like an unnecessary expense to hire pros to clean things in the home, but trust us it is an expense well worth it. You don’t want to move into someone else’s old mess, especially right now when eliminating germs is hugely important.

Pack an “Unpack Now” or “Unpack First” Box

Put items you will need right away on your first night in the home in a separate box. Items like a shower curtain and rings, toilet paper, hand soap, a few dishes, some trash bags, and few clothing items. This will help make things easier so that you don’t have to open several different boxes to find one item you need right now.

After Your Move

Change the Locks

Though you may have every key the homeowner had in your possession, you don’t know how many copies they gave to their friends and family. For safety purposes make sure to have the locks changed. If the home has a smart lock you will want to find the directions for reprogramming in a new code.

Smoke Alarms

Go through the home and test each one to be sure they work if they are not hardwired into the home’s electrical system.

Meet the Neighbors

Don’t be shy, go introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Knock on the door and let them know you are happy to be here and look forward to getting to know them.

Explore the Neighborhood

Get out and drive around, see what is near you. Try out a new restaurant. Take a walk around and see what is within walking distance. Get on the Nextdoor app to find out local news and goings on.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Every home has routine maintenance needs and checks. The best way to ensure your home stays in great shape and prevent emergency major repair needs is to stay on top of checking and caring for your home. An easy way to remember what needs to be done is with a maintenance schedule. For some suggestions on what to include and how often to include it, do a web search and read a few different articles of advice on the subject.

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