What Does the Words ‘Bonus Room’ Actually Mean? Is it Worth Including in a Listing?

It is not uncommon to come across a home listing with the term ‘bonus room.’ What is so great about this space that it seems to be highlighted in the listing information? Do bonus rooms help to sell homes?

A Bonus Room Is:What Does the Words 'Bonus Room' Actually Mean?

First of all, a bonus room is not a bedroom. This is not left up to opinion, a bonus room may not be called a bedroom in a home listing. According to the International Residential Code requirements (these can vary in final detail by state) for a room to be habitable and legally classified as a bedroom it must:

  • Be a minimum of 70 square feet
  • Half of the ceiling space must be at least 7 feet tall

There must be two ways of exiting the room safely in an emergency (egress) this includes a window and a door accessed from a common space like a hallway or main living area. The window must meet certain size and height requirements for a safe exit.

In some areas, there must be a closet and an HVAC system

The term Bonus Room is used to describe rooms in homes that do not meet bedroom standards. While a bonus room is not legally a bedroom, it is still extra space in the home that can be used for a variety of very useful things.

Considering a Renovation to Add a Bonus Room

If you have extra areas of unfinished space around your home, it may be worth it to renovate this space into a finished usable spot in your home. For example: a room over a garage, an attic, or basement area. The cost of finishing these spaces (putting in insulation and sheetrock walls) will vary depending upon the size of the area and the current condition of the space. The average cost to finish a room according to HomeAdvisor is $7 to $200 a square foot. In some cases, it can be a low-cost way to add value to your home. It is a good question to ask a real estate expert if it is worth the effort.

Highlighting a Bonus Room in Your Home

Right now bonus space is much more sought after in homes as a result of needing extra space to use for things a person may typically go outside of their home to do. Homes with bonus rooms are seeing much more interest as they can be used for:

  • A home gym
  • A home office
  • A space to conduct Zoom meetings without noise and interruption
  • A reading space/nook
  • A Hobby area or special space to have time to oneself
  • Recording or Podcast area
  • A gaming space without having to share the TV
  • A playroom where toys can be left out
  • A walk-in closet or extra storage room for things that need to be inside
  • A multi-purpose/multi-use room for more than one of the above

Staging a bonus space in your home to be one (or two) of these highly sought after areas just may help to sell your home even faster for top dollar.

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Is it worth it to make use of bonus space in your home and highlight that your home has one in a listing? Yes, definitely. Is it worth it to take space in your home and renovate it into extra space to make a larger profit on your home? It depends, the best way to tell is to get expert advice.

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