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About 25 miles from downtown Indianapolis is the small community of Fortville. Located in the northwest corner of Hancock County and in Vernon Township, Fortville is home to about 4000 residents.Homes for Sale Fortville IN

Originally called Walpole, Fortville was settled back in 1849 and incorporated as a town in 1865. It features several historic homes such as the historic Browne-Rafert house on Merrill Street listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Fortville is home to several parks such as Landmark Park and Memorial Park. Fortville boasts its own library, senior centers, and community centers, recreation, and is part of the Mount Vernon community schools.

Local Facts

The median home price is about $150,000 as of the publishing of this post. The population is 4300 with a median income of about $42,000. Fortville has a 3% unemployment rate, which is slightly lower than the national average. Fortville has been ranked as the #2 Best Place to live in Hancock County and is touted for its excellent schools, affordable housing, family recreational and entertainment options and diversity. Fortville provides a suburban feel but not too far away from downtown Indianapolis and major cities. About 69% of residents own their home and there’s a median rent of about $850.


Residents of Fortville are part of the Mount Vernon community school Corporation and students are assigned to the Fortville elementary school, the Mount Vernon middle school, and the Mount Vernon high school.

Homes and real estate

At any given time there are roughly 40 to 60 properties for sale within Fortville. Real estate starts off at about $50,000 for lots and land and the highest-priced tops about $375,000. There are larger properties with more acreage that do sell for higher prices, but the majority of homes are priced between $100,000 and $250,000.

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Homes for Sale Fortville IN