Whether you are preparing your central Indiana home for sale or just want a fresh new look, there are a few ways you can rejuvenate your home either will with a big project for several that you can complete in just a few minutes. Here are 10 easy ways to rejuvenate your home this year.

10 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home

#1. Change out hardware.

This is probably one of the easiest and least expensive ways to rejuvenate your home. You can change out your fixtures and hardware in the bathroom and the kitchen adding a cohesive look to the entire house and sprucing up the staging ability.

#2. Install interior shutters.

Or exterior shutters. Plantation shutters are an excellent alternative to blinds and they can shut out light and noise giving you quiet privacy. They can also make a dramatic design statement and they clean up really easily.

#3. Add and a fire pit.

A fire pit is a great option and addition to any backyard. It provides a warm place to snuggle around on chilly evenings and the installation and creation of a fire pit can take less than an hour.

10 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home

#4. Wall garden.

For less than $50 you can turn one wall of your home into an indoor garden without sacrificing counterspace. Amazon sells a variety of high quality, spill-proof, vertical wall garden hangers. Simply hanging up, add some potting soil and plant some seeds. It will add a dramatic look to any room.

#5. Upgrade your HVAC system.

This can be an expensive addition but one that will add amazing resale value to the house. You can upgrade your central heating and air, lower your energy bills, and make you more comfortable during the hot and cold months.

#6. Add accessories to your outlet covers.

Wall plates and covers that surround electrical outlets and light switches are usually boring but they’re making them more artistic these days offering bright and beautiful covers that can serve as accent pieces. This is a cheap and quick way to add a unique touch to any room or the entire house.

#7. Install a new backsplash.

Backslashes can cost anywhere from $300 to about $1500 depending on how much you need and the style you choose. But just like painted cabinets, a new backsplash can give you a burst of color and design in an otherwise bland kitchen. Backslashes are also very functional and easy to clean.

10 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home

#8. Paint your front door.

Painting the front door of the house a contrasting color to the rest of the house makes it pop and stand out. This home upgrade, which costs no more than about $25, will certainly add a dramatic statement to your front entrance. You might consider simply painting the trim or changing out the hardware as well.

#9. Add solar lighting.

The curb appeal of your home is an extension of the inside and vice versa so add more appeal outside with some solar lighting lining a pathway or sidewalk to either your new fire pit, or a deck.

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#10. New paint.

Simply repainting a room or two can add a fresh new look to the entire house. Perhaps it’s a bright red accent wall in the living room, painting the baseboards white with a beautiful gray against the walls, or maybe it’s softening the tone of that start kitchen or bathroom. Whatever the reason and whatever the color, new paint on the walls can make a world of difference.

For more information on how to update your home if you’re planning on selling throughout central Indiana contact one of our agents today. We can offer tips and suggestions on your particular house and give you advice on what buyers are really looking for in today’s market.

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