Here in Indianapolis and Central Indiana, there are many great historic homes, but they don’t always offer the most open floor plans or the highest amount of square footage. There are some designer tricks you can use to make your small space feel spacious, airy, useful, or even huge.

Read on to Learn Some Tricks to Make a Small Space Feel Big

Use Curtains that Blend In

Hanging window coverings that are the same color as your walls will help to make the room feel much bigger than it is. They create a nice streamlined effect that keeps the space feeling open and the flow coherent. If this just doesn’t sound like your style a transparent curtain will do almost as well.

Double-Duty Furniture

To make a space feel spacious, less furniture is more. Consider buying furniture that can perform more than one function in the room. For example: an ottoman that can also work as a coffee table with a tray. It can work as seating, a footrest, or a tablespace.

Use the Natural Light

Natural lighting will always be the frontrunner when it comes to the best lighting for any size room. It brings the outdoors in. It makes you feel that the wide-open feeling you feel when you are outside. Keep those drapes open during the day, and avoid placing things in the window sills. Also, avoid placing large furniture in front of the windows that will block light.

Large Book Cases

This may seem counterintuitive and like you are bringing clutter in that will have the room feeling smaller. Tall floor to ceiling bookcases will actually draw the eye up and make the space feel taller and roomier. It is also a great way to bring storage into the room without using extra floor space.


Hanging a mirror is a long used trick by many decorators to help bounce light around the room. It also gives the illusion that the room extends into the mirror.

Furniture on Legs

Choose furniture that is raised up on legs for your small space. It is another illusion that makes the eye think the room is more spacious because you can still see the entire floor under the furniture. Make sure to test how comfy it is before you bring it home, because if you hate it you will hate your room.

Keep it Simple

Don’t try to bring too much into the room. Keep it to the basics of what you need for the room to function comfortably. Get rid of those items that just kind of sit around in piles or rarely get used.

Stick With Light Colors

Light colors help to keep a room bright and airy. Don’t think you are stuck with white everywhere though. There are many great light shades of neutral colors and pastels that will bring character into space while keeping it bright.

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