Since the lockdown measures of the pandemic, outdoor space has become prime real estate. Homeowners are sprucing up and using every inch of their property and homebuyers are looking more favorably at homes with appealing outdoor spaces. As the weather cools, your outdoor area will need to shift in its design to still be used or staged as usable space, but there are some ways you can do this. Here’s how:

Add a Fire Pit5 Ways to Create a Cozy Outdoor Space for Cold Weather

A fire pit is the first way to bring cozy heat to an outdoor area. You can kick up the staging a notch by setting out items to make smores. A fire pit can be something as simple as cinder blocks placed in a circle on a small cleared piece of land.

Add Heat Lamps

Patio heat lamps on patios and decks placed near seating areas, have become a very popular item this year since the weather has turned cold. Google trends shows that “patio heaters” has reached a record number of searches.

Comfy Plush Cushions and Warm Blankets

Add cushions to wrought iron and plastic outdoor furniture to bring warmth and cozy to them. Pillows in fall colors or that go along with the rest of the home’s color scheme will add more comfy as well as style to the area and some warm blankets placed in a basket or laid strategically over the back of chairs is a good way to bring warmth.

Bring in an Outdoor Rug

The more cloth textiles you can bring in the warmer the space is going to feel, plus a rug brings up the style factor and makes the whole space look more luxe, just don’t place the rug near the fire pit. If you are using the rug on a deck it will actually bring a lot more warmth to the space as it blocks out any cold air coming up from the ground through the cracks between the boards.

Extra Lighting

With colder months brings darker nights. Bringing in more outdoor lighting will help to make the space usable for longer hours as the amount of daylight dwindles. Bring in some of those trendy and beloved strings of Edison bulbs, lots of lanterns, some candles, or even tiki torches.

Continuing to bring attention and use to your outdoor space will help to sell your Beech Grove home as more buyers are looking for plenty of private outdoor space. Contact us anytime to help get your home sold successfully.

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