It gets very cold here in Indiana in the winters, some say this winter is scheduled to be more cold than usual. Here are some handy products to have around the house to prepare for that crazy winter weather and tips on winterizing your home.

De-icing Cable5 Things to Have on Hand for Winterizing Your Home

If icicles tend to form on the eaves of your home and there is plenty of insulation in your roof, installing a de-icing cable helps to prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams can create trouble as they push water underneath roof shingles.

These cables can be placed along the roof edge where ice tends to build up. All you have to do is install them according to the directions on the box and plug them in to a ground fault circuit interrupter plug on the outside of the home after a heavy snowfall or when you notice ice build-up. You can find them for as little as $35 or for a higher price tag you can purchase cables that will turn on automatically.

Plumbing Heat Cables and Insulation

Exposed water pipes in chilly basements and/or crawl spaces are more likely to freeze when the temperatures get really low. Installing some heated cable made just for this reason along with pipe insulation will help to prevent pipes from freezing and then cracking and bursting leading to huge damage. Winter is the season when most home interior water damage occurs.

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Insulated Hose Bib Covers

Even if you already have frost-free sillcocks on your outdoor water faucets, it is a good and budget-friendly idea to put some faucet covers on those outdoor spickets. Put them on before the weather turns freezing cold and keep them in place until it is warm again to prevent pipes from freezing.

Removable Caulk

It is most likely you are not planning to open up your windows when the temps hit the teens. As an extra step to prevent cold air from entering the home through the windows, apply removable caulk where the sash meets the frame. You can look up some simple and easy directions for doing this on the internet.

Door Sweeps

Though they are a little unsightly a door sweep can help to keep drafts from entering under doors. These are especially helpful under basement doors that lead to the interior of the home or under the door that leads to the inside of the garage.

Taking care of your home well is the best way to prevent damage and will help it to sell for more money in the future. For more information on winterizing, buying or selling a home in Carmel and surrounding areas please contact us anytime.

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