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The choice to sell a home can be a little stressful but I wanted to be as easy and smooth as possible.

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Whether you’re moving for job relocation, family status change, need to downsize or move into a bigger home, the choice to sell is the beginning of your next exciting adventure and I’d love to be a part of it.

Choosing the right listing agent can literally mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Those that try to sell a home on their own typically price their home too high and therefore it sits on the market far too long. By the time they do sell they’ve usually drop the price far below what it could have sold in the first place. We help price your home correctly right out of the gate to get the most buyers through the door, and more offers on the table.

I will help you step-by-step with staging suggestions, home preparation, what is appealing to today’s buyers, and how to price your home strategically to get more offers in your hands faster than just about anyone else. With decades of experience I can help price your home correctly from the beginning, marketed through my website as well as hundreds of other real estate websites, social media outlets, and online marketing. I use every available technology tool to advertise, market, and sell your home. From professional photographs to personalized care, from beginning to closing, your future needs are my goals.

Find out what your home is worth today and what you can be doing right now to help increase the profit on your home.

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