There are many decisions that a homeowner needs to make in preparation for listing their home for sale. There is the decision of when to list, who you will hire to help you sell the home, what asking price you will list the home at, what repairs you will make, and more.Is it Better to Leave a Home for Sale Empty or to Stage it?

An important question that homeowners ask who are not currently living in the home they are selling is if they should leave the home empty or bring in some furniture and decorating items to stage it. The answer to this question depends on your particular situation.

There are benefits and downsides to choosing either option. Whether you choose to stage the home you are trying to sell or leave it completely empty will depend on your personal preferences when selling the home. Each homeowner should weigh the particular advantages and disadvantages of each option to decide the best route for their home.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to stage your home for sale or leave it empty.

What is Staging Exactly?

Staging a home is more than just placing some furniture in a room, there is a clever method behind it. If you have ever walked through a model home in a brand new development you will notice it is full of furnishings. This is a staged home. These homes are put together by a professional stager with the main focus of highlighting the home’s best and most sought-after features in hopes that buyers imagine themselves living there and get excited about what they are imagining. The hope is that the excitement will lead to a purchase.

Staging is like the frosting on a cake. Cake is yummy, but it is the frosting and decorations on the top that entice you to eat it. Homes that look like you would want to move right in and start life today have shown to appeal more to buyers.

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The Advantages of Selling a Home that is Staged

Studies have shown that the more a buyer can visualize themselves using and loving a house, the more interested they are to make an offer. Staging a home also makes online listing photos look better. Listing photos are most often the first things buyers see of your home as the majority of home shopping starts online. Even more so since the beginning of the pandemic. You want your online listing photos to appeal to buyers so they will come and look at the home in person. Some companies offer virtual staging where furnishings are digitally added into photos. Staging can also help buyers to better see the usefulness of small or oddly shaped spaces in homes as well.

The Disadvantages of Staging

There are two main disadvantages of staging a home and those are time to get it done and the cost. Staging a home will be an added cost whether you hire someone to do it for you or decide to look at staging tips and do it yourself. It will also take some extra time to get it done. Once the house it sold, time will need to be given to clearing out the home again.

The Advantages of Selling a Home Empty

The biggest advantage of selling a home that is completely empty is that it allows the buyer to see the home and not be distracted by how the previous owner used the home. Some buyers will see a vacant home and have an easier time envisioning how they could make use of it.

Another advantage to an empty home is that is communicates the home is ready for a quicker closing than one that is full of stuff. Some buyers get excited with the thought of being able to move in more quickly than having to wait for the homeowner to move out.

The Disadvantages of an Empty Home

An empty home can seem cold and unwelcoming to some buyers. Any cosmetic issues with the home are more easily noticed in an empty home as well. For example a small crack in a wall and a tiny scratch in a hardwood floor.

Empty houses in some areas can also attract vandals and squatters to come in and make use of the property. In some areas a home that is completely empty will draw someone looking for shelter or seeking to sell expensive fixtures that seem to go unsupervised.

In some cases an empty home can communicate that the home has been on the market longer and the owner is in a more desperate situation to sell the home. This can lead to lower offers on the home.

Home staging is not necessary to sell a home, but it can help you to sell a home faster if you are willing and have the funds to pay for staging. The best way to help determine if staging really is an expense worth paying for is to talk with an experienced local real estate agent.

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