It’s really weird times right now, but, some markets and industries need to go on like the real estate industry. People that have their homes listed before this all happened and those that need to buy and move in still are a priority. While the industry may have slowed slightly, buying and selling a home still becomes a reality for many Americans. So, can you buy a house completely online?

There are so many advancements to technology these days that you literally can get a loan from your smartphone, do everything via electronic signatures and email, look at virtual tours and the Google Street view of a particular neighborhood, and communicate all online or over the phone.

The answer is a vibrant YES! You can buy a home completely online.

Think of it this way, military families have been doing this for years. One or both of the family members cannot view a home in person, especially if they are moving overseas or across the country and everything must be done online.

Of course, buyers like to see the house before they buy it, but that’s not always the case nor is it necessary. With so many virtual tours, YouTube videos, and Google Street view images, just about everyone can get practically a 99% idea of what a home would be like without actually seeing it in person.

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But what about all the signatures?

Everything can be done electronically now. Even final signings can be done electronically even though we do like to have a notary be there in person but there are ways around this as well. We want things to be safe and secure keeping your identity secure along the way. A one-on-one meeting across the table might be ideal or it might not be depending on your situation. We work with every single client to make sure that your health and safety is kept at the top priority all the while confirming that your needs, your home sale or purchase, and your finances are kept confidential, private, and secure.

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You can buy a house completely online and people are doing it all over this country. If you are a buyer and you want to see a particular home give us a call. We can schedule a safe and secure environment to take a virtual tour, FaceTime you for a live feed, answering questions about the house and providing all the details you could want. If you are selling your house, now is a great time to provide as much virtual information as possible for potential buyers.

Have more questions? Give us a call or contact us through our website at any time. Our agents are waiting to help you, answer your questions, and keep you as safe and healthy as possible.

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