Right now the real estate market is booming, there is a large number of interested buyers looking for homes and it is a great time to sell one. If you are considering selling your home making sure that it appraises well will be important to closing on the sale. Being aware of potential items that can negatively impact your home’s appraisal are a good idea for a successful home sale.

There are some things you can do to ensure your home is worth the top market value. Your goal is to shine the brightest light possible on the property when the assessor comes to look at it.Factors that Negatively Impact Home Appraisals

Here are some factors that can negatively impact appraisals and how to fix them.

Poor Curb Appeal

Having a home that looks less than ideal from the outside takes a big toll on its value. You can avoid taking a monetary value hit to the home by trimming the bushes and trees to ensure they are neat and tidy and adding some seasonal flowers for a pop of color and visual appeal.

Make sure that the exterior paint is fresh and the garage door is in good condition and looks nice. Staging the front porch with some pretty potted plants and a new clean matt also helps.

The Interior is Tired

If the interior of the home looks like it is a bit tired it will bring down the value. The first step to showing a home in its best light is to make sure clutter is kept out of the home, the interior paint is fresh, the window coverings are open to bring in natural light, and the place is in meticulously clean condition.

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If there are hidden assets that the appraiser may not notice, like storage spaces, make sure the appraiser notices them by opening the doors.

Outdated Kitchen and/or Bathrooms

These are big key factors in helping boost home value. An outdated bathroom or kitchen will lower the value of a home. Give the kitchen a modest refresh with new cabinet doors and fresh paint. Get new light fixtures, new cabinet and drawer hardware, etc. If you have the budget to do so you can invest in energy-efficient appliances and new counters and floors.

Bedrooms are Dark and Small

Bedrooms will look brighter and bigger with less stuff in them, fresh paint, and curtains that do not limit the amount of light coming through windows during the day. Smart placement of mirrors can also help to bounce light through the room and make a space feel bigger.

An Unfinished Basement

It is not uncommon for a basement to be unfinished and used only as a storage space. Turning that space into usable living space will bring more value to the home as it can be counted in the home’s square footage.

Home Systems Need Replacement

Boring and big ticket items like a working furnace can be costly to fix, but they can bring the biggest return on investment. So if you have a major fix that impacts the actual functioning of the home it is best to replace it before selling.

No Outdoor Hang Out/Living Space

Patios and decks create additional usable space. These outdoor hangouts are not just appealing to buyers looking to be able to enjoy the fresh air on their own terms right now, they bring value to a home. If you do have a deck or patio make sure it is safe and in top condition.

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