When selling a home, especially as more and more people are doing the bulk of their home search online, you want as many people to take notice of your online listing as possible. With great pictures and a well-written description done right, you can capture the attention of people who will share it. If you do it incredibly well you may be surprised at how many views it brings in.

Here are Three Recent Listing Examples That Went Viral

The Suspect Activity ListingHow Does a Real Estate Listing Go Viral?

Sometimes a listing shows a picture that can be quite shocking and have viewers saying, “You gotta see this!” to their friends. One such listing in Oak Park, Detroit did just that. In a picture showing the kitchen, the owner included what looked to be lines of a white powdery substance on the counter.

Inferring that something less than legal was going on, it caught the attention of the local police and they investigated the situation. The whole thing turned out to be a farce of course, a joke purposely put on by the homeowner to see how people would react. In just one day the listing received 29,000 views and 100 phone calls. There were no charges from law enforcement, but the homeowner did list for sale by owner and had to endure answering a large volume of calls.

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The Oddly Eerie Décor Listing

How Does a Real Estate Listing Go Viral?A beautiful five-bedroom home in Richmond, Texas with a perfectly normal listing description decided to showcase pictures of the home with creepy dolls and mannequins in interesting poses in each room. This caught the attention of web writers like Mashable who featured it in an article. Though the rooms full of creepy looking dolls staring at you may put buyers on edge, the home is perfectly livable once you get past the weird choice in decorations.

The ‘It’s Really That Bad’ Listing

In most cases, a listing is shared because it is amazingly beautiful and the person sharing wants to move in right now. In some cases a home listing is shared because it is so horribly bad they just have to have someone else see it to believe it. This was the case for a home in the Fresh Meadows neighborhood of Queens, New York. One line in the listing reads “Home is Not in Liveable Condition.” They were not kidding when they wrote this.

In the photos viewers noticed large cracks all over the inside; in one a vine had over taken a kitchen wall. The home brought in the interests of the New York Post and House Beautiful it got so many shares that eventually it sold for just over $100k under list price.

Creating a Viral-Worthy Online ListingHow Does a Real Estate Listing Go Viral?

Seeking the advice of any social media expert will tell you that no matter what you try, it is up to the viewer how much they share a listing. The good news is you don’t need to be the next influencer to get your home sold. You just need a few more people to see it. Here are some ways you can get more interest and more views on your home listing.


There are many listings out there and if you want a buyer to find yours it is helpful to use the right words. Use the exact words that buyers will be searching for like granite, walk-in closet, renovated kitchen. Having an agent do this for you is smart because an expert agent will know exactly what features in homes buyers want right now and can easily include them.

Amazing Photos

Let’s face it no one is going to bother to read the house description if the photos don’t catch their attention first. Let your agent take care of the listing photos (hopefully they have a go to professional they use) and make sure to heed their staging advice so the pictures come out spectacular and make a viewer want to see more.

How Does a Real Estate Listing Go Viral?

Make Sure Its Shareable

Social media is where all the cool kids are hanging out nowadays. The best way to ensure your listing will see more views is to make it accessible from other sites. To get seen you gotta be where the people are. Make sure your agent has a strong online presence that will help to market your home.

You don’t need to go to extremes to get your online listing sold, but there are some things an experienced real estate agent can help you with to bring more attention to your home’s online listing.

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