If you are considering selling your probably doing a little bit of research to find out what buyers really want. If there’s something that’s going to be a dealbreaker, you want to be on it before your buyers are. You don’t want to give them any red flags or reasons to avoid making an offer on your house so with a recent Facebook poll, what is the one big red flag that would make someone avoid buying a house?

The Biggest Red Flags to Be Aware of When Buying a House: Here are their answers.

Poor remodeling jobs.

If the buyer can easily see that there’s been a lot of DIY projects from someone that probably shouldn’t be doing DIY anything, it’s a huge turnoff. Buyers tend to think there may be more issues that they can’t see and this may throw up a big red flag to make an offer. Also, if there are any issues that may show there’s been unpermitted work done or code violations, buyers simply just don’t want to deal with that.

https://www.quorumrealtygroup.com/Poor neighbors.

Not that homeowners can really do anything about the neighbors, but they certainly can bring down the value of your home. If the house is next to a home that needs a lot of TLC, there are junker cars in the driveway, or a lot of barking dogs, it can really deter buyers. If possible, speak to your neighbor about offering the storage while your house is on the market or even offering to mow their lawn. This can be one of the touchy is issues and there’s really not a lot to do about it other than make your home seem 10 times more amazing than anything else on the market.


What’s Your Home Worth?

Foundation issues.

This came up more than anything else. Foundation issues are a big no-no and a major red flag for buyers. This is probably because it’s one of the most expensive things to correct. If the foundation is crumbling or shows major cracking, buyers may simply steer clear because they don’t want to deal with negotiations on home inspections nor the issue at a later date. If it’s something that can be corrected or at least a temporary fix or even certification from an inspector or foundation expert, this may alleviate any issues.

Bad smells.https://www.quorumrealtygroup.com/

Cat and dog urine, pet smells, mold, mildew, or sewer smells really turn off buyers and they really can’t look at anything else if the smell is so overwhelming. If you are unsure or as they say, have become nose blind to your own house’s odors, have a trusted friend be honest with you. You may need to replace the carpet, address mold or mildew issues, or use Kilz to cover up any lingering odors.


Now here is something that sellers can definitely fix. The second biggest thing that buyers say turn them away from homes is the clutter. You have to take the time to Declutter the house, depersonalize it, and clean like never before. If buyers cannot see the true bones of the house it can be extremely difficult to convince them to make an offer. Clear out half the items in all closets, drawers, cupboards, pantries, and any other storage areas and either put them in boxes in the garage or better yet, rent a storage facility or pod while your home is on the market. If buyers think the house is still too cluttered and they see half of the items in boxes in your garage, they realize that there’s just not enough space.

What’s Your Home Worth?

Every home has its quirks but if you address things ahead of time or try to get inside a buyers mind understand how they are viewing your home, you can emphasize the positive and take advantage of what your home does offer in order to price it correctly and get the right buyers in the door. – The Biggest Red Flags to Be Aware of When Buying a House – Call me for advice and free listing presentation: 317-596-9066

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