While traditionally the real estate market tends to cool down as people become busy and focused elsewhere for the holidays, this year the demand for homes is still going pretty strong. If you are putting your home up for sale during the holiday season, you may be thinking that decorating and enjoying some holiday traditions are out of the picture in the name of keeping your home perfectly clean and spotless for showings.You Can Still Decorate for the Holidays When Selling Your Home

We are here to tell you, you can still enjoy your decorations while selling your home and get to experience the holiday magic that they bring to your home. Putting up holiday decorations may even help your home sell faster. You may need to scale back a little, tweak some things a bit, or make some compromises on what gets put out, but it is still possible to create a warm and fuzzy holiday feeling at home while you are waiting for someone to buy it.

Here are some tips for holiday decorating while selling your home:

Clean, Clean, Clean, and Stage First

Before getting out those boxes from the garage or attic full of shiny bobbles you want to make sure your backdrop is ready to go. The first step to staging a home for sale at any time of the year is to clean like you have never cleaned before. Remove personal clutter, scrub ‘til you just can’t scrub no more, and then set up each room as a display to showcase its potential for buyers.

Create Cozy

In most places, like here in Indiana it gets very cold. Set a tone of warmth and comfort in your home that buyers will be hoping to see from a home right now. While you can use your personal decorations to accomplish this, remember that less is more when showing your home. Don’t bring out every item you own, just use a few. Hang a pretty wreath on the front door, but maybe save the entire collection of snow globes or large Christmas village displays for next year when you are in your brand new home.

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Complement the Home’s Color Palette

“Stick to one “theme” in your decorations that looks nice with the existing colors in the home. Don’t go all out and bring in several different color schemes like whimsical candy land pastels mixed with traditional and elegant red/green/gold. Keep it simple and not overwhelming for the eye to behold.” Lewiston NY Realtor Matthew Kennedy

Use Decorations to Your Advantage

Let the decorations help you highlight some of the best features in your home. They will draw a buyer’s eyes to the best parts of the home. For example: hanging mistletoe in that lovely arched doorway.

Mind the Tree

A very tall tree can help to highlight the tall vaulted ceilings, but if the base is so wide it takes up too much floor space and makes the room look small, no one will be looking up at the ceilings.

Modest Lights

Now is not the time to win the neighborhood’s light decorating contest or get featured on that ABC channel Christmas light special. Just stick to some simple strands outlining the roof and maybe the windows of the home.

Just the right touch of holiday cheer in your home will attract buyers and invite warm and cheerful feelings for almost everyone. It may even land you the Christmas present you really want, the ability to purchase the home you are dreaming of.

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